Manatee Deep Clean's method of cleaning is Rotary Hot Water Extraction resulting in deeper cleaned carpets.

Rotary Hot Water Extraction has three benefits.

Gently Scrubs, Deeper Cleaning

All Fiber Rinse, Deeply Penetrating

Moisture Extraction, Fast Dry Times

Manatee Deep Clean also incorporates different types of cleaning systems for specialty fibers such as Wool, Silk & Cotton.

Manatee Deep Clean attends industry schools and stays current with advanced cleaning techniques, and newly developed fibers. We are Certified by the IICRC.

Our Method

Low Moisture Cleaning

Patented Technology Cleans Deep and Dries Fast.   HydraMaster's new DriMaster™ technology is so extraordinary that it will change the way carpets are cleaned in the future.  How else but extraordinary can describe a jetless extraction tool that delivers dry-times of 2 hours or less? HydraMaster calls this innovation the Rotary DriMaster™ Power Tool.

What is Jetless Cleaning Technology?  DriMaster's™ patented process replaces the ordinary spray jet with a dynamic high-flow, high-recovery cleaning head.  Instead of a jet spraying solution several inches above the carpet, the DriMaster™ process first injects solution into the carpet pile through a precision slot which is angled toward a matched vacuum recovery port. The solution is applied as a “sheet” rather than a jet spray, allowing precise control of the penetration necessary to thoroughly clean the carpet fiber without wetting the carpet's backing.  Creating a highly effective “Cleaning Zone”, the hot cleaning solution passes through the carpet's face fiber and is immediately extracted. The Rotary DriMaster™ Power Tool is vastly superior to typical wand results.

Tests Confirm Fast Drying.  Recent tests conducted by an independent testing facility reveal that HydraMaster’s Rotary DriMaster™ Power Tool leaves 85% less moisture in carpets after cleaning. The tests were completed in laboratory controlled conditions using scientific soiling, cleaning and measuring procedures.  Completed in August 2003, the testing revealed that a standard 2-jet Scrub Wand left 3.1 ounces of moisture after cleaning, while the RDM left 0.46 ounces on a test area of about 3 square feet.  This indicated that the RDM left only 15% as much moisture as a wand and confirmed the RDM’s amazing ability to recover moisture and achieve significantly faster dry-time results. Cleaning Efficacy tests conducted simultaneously further revealed that the RDM cleaned better than the Standard Scrub Wand. Also wicking problems, as often found with Olefin, are prevented.

Designed Right For Residential Cleaning. The Rotary DriMaster™ is designed to excel in home cleaning situations. The low profile of the cleaning head reaches beneath furniture where other tools can't follow.  The durable polycarbonate cover makes "soft" contact with walls and furniture, preventing scratches and marks. Customers love how quickly their carpets dry.  The Rotary DriMaster™ Power Tool, achieves quality results the competition can’t match.  Simply stated, the RDM leaves carpets drier and cleaner more than any other extraction system or tool.  Guaranteed.